Together we are better!

Do you have a large collection of family photos? Or maybe your personal family gallery? Unsure where to begin? 


Combining multiple art pieces, family photographs, memorabilia, awards or a combination of all these elements can make a great feature for your home or business. However, it also takes careful consideration to create a balance of aesthetics, space, colour, scale, and proportion.


At FORWALLS, we blend our skills as interior designers and our workmanship as professional picture hangers, to offer creative solutions for your group hanging needs (also known as the Paris or Salon hang). 


We can look at the bigger picture of your room or home/office to help you choose the best display wall and layout that will not only look stunning but will also be aligned with laser precision. 


Technically, for most standard artworks we utilise a two-point fixing system that will ensure your art stays perfectly level for years to come.


For true peace of mind, we are also fully insured and provide a full duty of care with the transportation and handling of your treasured pieces. 

Gallery Style, Salon Style, Montage, Art Hanging in Groups, Perfect Spacing