Let's Hang Together!

If you have art to go on a wall or a wall that needs art, we are here to help! We not only hang your treasured pieces safely and securely, we can also advise on the best place to display your artwork, in a creative and authentic style to suit your home or business. 

As art and picture hanging specialists and interior designers, art hanging and placement are at the core of what we do and FORWALLS views this service as a creative collaboration with our clients, who often present a vision to us which we bring to fruition.


A vision may be vague or specific but often at the heart of art hanging and placement is a feeling that each client wants to bring to their home or business. 


So whether it’s decorating a new space, incorporating a new piece into your existing space, or drawing together treasured photographs or memorabilia, we work closely with our clients to ensure we understand and ultimately bring their vision to life. 


On the technical side of things, for most standard artworks we utilise a two-point fixing system and top range fixtures to ensure your art stays perfectly secure and level for years to come. Find out more about our hanging systems.


We understand that your artwork is precious, and often priceless, so we are fully insured and provide the full duty of care with the transportation and handling of your treasured pieces. 

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